Powder Highway Management Group offers licensed strata and rental management services to communities in the beautiful Columbia Basin of British Columbia. Our experienced staff can manage and maintain your property --from a multi-unit apartment block downtown, to a townhouse complex nestled on the ski hill, to new developments in a growing area. 
Services we offer include, building maintenance and operations, administration and financial management, and specialized consulting services. Our staff is both licensed and highly knowledgeable of the complex provincial legislation regarding Stratas and Residential Tenancy.
We pride ourselves on being close by and hands-on. We know it is important to work closely not just with property owners, but with local organizations that are part of day-to-day life in your area.

Property  Management in the Columbia Basin 

of British Columbia.

At PHMG, we understand it is important for you to enjoy your home or vacation unit while making the most of the lifestyle and recreation that this stunning part of the world has to offer. So when you want to hit the slopes, get out on the local bike trails, play nine holes, or simply sit back and enjoy the views, we are here to ensure that your property is well taken care of.
Powder Highway Management Group is licensed by the Real Estate Council of British Columbia.