mackenzie village development team


For Strata Corporations


We offer hourly consulting services on a one-off or ongoing basis. Sometimes a new or self-managed strata corporation needs help navigating and interpreting the complex legislation in the Strata Property Act. We can assess bylaws, budgets, record keeping and other items that your strata corporation may need guidance with. Furthermore, with our experience, we can make recommendations on changes that should be made to help the strata corp better comply with the law, or that should be made to improve the overall operation of the strata.


For Developers


PHMG has also worked with developers in creating new strata corporations. There are many obligations that fall to the developer of a new strata and we can assist in creating bylaws, interim budgets, the strata plan and other important legal procedures that should be followed to avoid costly mistakes.


Our experience within the industry, in the local area, and with contractors and owners, means we can offer useful advice and suggestions, as well as taking some of the pressure and work load off the developer at an extremely busy time for them!

Please contact our managing broker, Suzanne to inquire about a consultation.