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Strata Management Services


At Powder Highway Management Group, we can facilitate and assist with every aspect of condominium living. We will work closely with your strata council to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of your property and strata corporation.

Managing a strata corporation involves many skills and a broad knowledge of the industry. From maintenance and building operations, to administration and finances, to the provincial Strata Property Act we have you covered!

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 Financial Management 
  • Complying with requirements of the Strata Property Act (SPA)

  • Strata fee and special levy collection with pre-authorised payment options

  • Invoices paid regularly and consistently

  • Financial statements issued each month 

  • Annual budgets and long term planning

  • Manage contingency reserve fund trust accounts

  • Depreciation report management

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  • Record keeping as required by SPA 

  • Council and general meetings (annual and special)

  • Record and distribute meeting minutes 

  • Ongoing education and training for our licensed representatives

  • Assist with insurance for your strata corporation

  • Bylaw and rule enforcement

  • Filing of forms required by SPA

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Maintenance & Building Operations

  • Pro-active preventative maintenance

  • Local maintenance staff

  • Working with outside contractors

  • Assistance with large scale improvement projects

  • Health and safety requirements

  • Frequent onsite visits

  • Assistance with emergency situations such as leaks, floods and broken heating